What is an Evidence Manual?

"Knowledge is Power" - Car buyers follow this basic rule -- you need to also.

The Evidence Manual is a collection of articles and information that will help you "sell value" to help close the deal with the potential Mitsubishi vehicle buyer. Almost every day some internet site, car magazine or local newspaper publishes an article about the vehicles your customers are considering for purchase.

An Evidence Manual:
  • Is a collection of “reasons” to buy a Mitsubishi vehicle to help overcome objectives.
  • Is a collection of expert opinions about the Mitsubishi vehicle your customer is considering.
  • Should contain articles that validate a customer’s potential buying decision.
  • Should support your presentation and reflect your attention to detail.
  • Should have visual impact and appeal to a customer’s dominant sense of sight.

The Evidence Manual is a tool that can help you control the pace of the sale and focus the customer’s attention.

This is your resource to help build and keep your Evidence Manual up to date. Regularly, we will update links to sites and documents you can add to your Manual. You should check this site at least once a month. Current postings will be at the top of each list. Feel free to email us with any links or articles you find that we don't list.